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Andy Janovich was nervous.

It was early in training camp, and the fifth-year fullback was just getting into the swing of things with his new team. After four years in Denver, Janovich had a new home in Cleveland, and he was already feeling the love. The offseason was weird, sure, but months of Zoom meetings helped Janovich get to know his new teammates and coaches while also stoking his excitement for the upcoming season.

Andy Janovich Jersey

But now, upon a request from his new coach, Janovich was consumed with uneasiness. His stomach was churning.

Kevin Stefanski alerted Janovich he’d be one of the first players to share his Four H’s — History, Heroes, Heartbreaks and Hopes — with the entire team: players, coaches, the whole nine. He’d follow new S Karl Joseph, who would kick off a meeting that, despite the truncated, every-second-counts build-up to the 2020 season, would focus little on football. It was about getting to know the players behind the masks, something that was so much tougher to do in a COVID-restricted offseason, which completely wiped out any organic interactions between players and coaches.

Browns Andy Janovich Jersey

Janovich was acquired by the Browns in a March trade with the Broncos for a reason: They needed a badass, nasty, unafraid fullback for their offense. He checked all of the boxes. Janovich, though, prefers to let his punishing, physical style of play do the talking and rarely enjoys actually talking about it. He’s all about the work, a philosophy Stefanski has preached to his players ever since his very first (virtual) team meeting in April.

Simply put, Janovich would rather crack shoulder pads with a stampeding linebacker for hours on end than speak in front of a large group of people for a few minutes.

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Mayfield completed 12 of his first 14 passes, with one of the incompletions coming on a drop on the opening drive by Donovan Peoples-Jones, which would’ve given Mayfield five touchdown throws in the half.

Mayfield is the only NFL quarterback to toss four touchdowns in a half this season — and he has achieved the feat twice, including in Week 7 in the second half of a comeback victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. Mayfield became the first Cleveland quarterback with multiple four-touchdown passing games in a season since Brian Sipe in 1983.

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“We are taking it one game at a time. We are handling everything inside the building. We know there was a lot of talk of this game leading up to it, but we weren’t worried about that,” Mayfield said. “We were just worried about doing our job and doing it at a very high level.”

In a key AFC matchup, the Browns jumped to a 17-0 lead on the first play of the second quarter with Mayfield’s second touchdown throw, as he found backup offensive tackle Kendall Lamm, who had lined up as a tight end, from the 1-yard line.

“I give credit to the players. We talked all week about our work during the week was going to be a determining factor in how we play, and the guys worked their butts off all week,” Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said. “They understand what a good operation looks like and what efficient football looks like, and I was proud of how they played.”

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After the Titans scored on their ensuing drive, Mayfield answered on Cleveland’s next play from scrimmage with a 75-yard touchdown strike to Peoples-Jones, who faked out the Tennessee secondary with an up-and-out move.

The Titans finally cut the deficit to one score with 28 seconds remaining after Mayfield’s fumble set up Ryan Tannehill’s late touchdown pass. But Cleveland fullback Andy Janovich recovered Tennessee’s last-gasp onside kick.

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The Browns haven’t been 9-3 since 1994, when they finished the regular season 11-5 and advanced to the second round of the playoffs. Following a losing record a year later, then-owner Art Modell relocated the franchise to Baltimore and renamed it the Ravens.

The Browns next face the Ravens at home Dec. 14 on Monday Night Football. Cleveland lost to Baltimore in the season opener 38-6. With a victory, Cleveland would boast its best record in 51 years.

“Winning is hard in this National Football League. There are a bunch of good teams, and they are coming at you week in and week out,” Stefanski said. “I think our guys understand that we are just looking to go 1-0 each week, and there is so much work that goes into going 1-0.”

“I thought about it all damn day,” Janovich said. “I couldn’t think of anything else.”

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As much as the assignment filled him with butterflies, Janovich took it seriously. The more he thought about it, the more he realized he had so much to share, and he owed it to his new teammates and coaches to be as open and honest as possible. After all, he expected the same from them.

“If you don’t really like the people you’re working with, you’ll just want to collect a paycheck and go home and say, ‘Who gives a crap?'” Janovich said.

“That’s a good way to build a team is to get to know guys. If they really want to get to know me, we can be personal about everything. I think that’s how really, really good teams get to be.”

So, when the time came, Janovich opened his laptop, looked into his screen and spoke from the heart. He revealed un-Google-able details about his past, teared up discussing his unfathomable heartbreak and spoke with genuine optimism about what he believed the assembled group could accomplish in 2020 and beyond.

You see a fullback like Andy, and you don’t expect him to get emotional on a call. Some of the stuff he’s been through is pretty intense.
Joel Bitonio
In the most unusual of offseasons for a team with a new head coach, new general manager and a boatload of new faces, this was a moment — a turning point that brought everyone closer while COVID-19 forced them away from each other for hours, days and months on end.

“I was floored by it,” Stefanski said. “He set the tone with the teammates understanding we all trust each other and want to understand each other better.

“One way to do that is to tell each other to know what you’re all about.”

The History
Everything shut down when Stefanski was just getting his footing as the Browns’ new head coach.

He’d been on the job for close to two months and had only recently closed on a house. His family was still in Minneapolis. HIs coaching staff had just been finalized and the offices around him were starting to fill up. Players would return for workouts in a month, and preparations were underway to welcome them into a new culture, a new beginning, under his leadership.

But then, in a flash, everything had to be adjusted. Stefanski and all Browns employees were no longer permitted in the facility and would work remotely for an indefinite period starting March 13. Stefanski rejoined his family in Minneapolis and many of the team’s other coaches returned to their previous residences, but the work continued.

“The question I kept asking was, ‘how do you come together when you’re apart?'” Stefanski said. “We just got to a point where everything was virtual. We kept thinking we were going to get together in the spring, maybe late May, maybe June, and it didn’t come.”

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Fresh off their 24-22 win against the Steelers to close the regular season, the Cleveland Browns are staring at an immediate rematch with Pittsburgh on Jan. 10 to cap off the weekend’s six wildcard games. The Browns finished one game behind the 12-4 Steelers in the AFC North and are seeded sixth in the conference playoffs.

Baker Mayfield Jersey

The last time Cleveland reached the playoffs, quarterback Baker Mayfield was seven years old. That 2002 Browns team was coached by Butch Davis and featured Tim Couch at quarterback. They lacked a 1,000-yard rusher or receiver but found a way to win five of their final seven games to finish 9-7 and advance.

Browns Baker Mayfield Jersey

That season ended with a 36-33 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the wildcard round, and it was the sort of heartache that Browns fans would come to know only too well in subsequent years.

The playoff loss was followed be nearly non-stop losing

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The loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Jan. 5, 2003, at Heinz Field came in devastating fashion. The Browns had clinched their playoff spot a week earlier by beating the Atlanta Falcons. In the process, however, they lost quarterback Tim Couch.

When Kelly Holcomb connected with Dennis Northcutt from 15 yards out 2:49 into the third quarter, the Browns held a 24-7 lead against Pittsburgh. However, Tommy Maddox responded with three second-half touchdown passes, and the Steelers won on a short Chris Fuamatu-Ma’afala run in the final minute.

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The downward spiral was immediate and drastic. The Browns finished with losing records in 16 of the next 17 seasons. The losses piled up into double-digits in 14 of those seasons.

This season’s 11-5 record finally ended the futility.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky was right about Baker Mayfield and now he wants to collect.

Womens Baker Mayfield Jersey

Back on an episode of “Get Up” in July, Orlovsky bet fellow panelist Marcus Spears $100 that the Browns quarterback would throw less than 10 interceptions and more than 25 touchdowns this season under new head coach Kevin Stefanski.

Mayfield finished with 26 touchdowns and just 8 interceptions despite not having Odell Beckham Jr. for most of the season.

“Say @mspears96. You can hit my Venmo. I’ll take cash. Personal checks. Bitcoin… @bakermayfield got er dooooonnnneeeeee,” Orlovsky gloated after Mayfield led the Browns to a 24-22 win over the Steelers to clinch the team’s first playoff berth in 18 years.

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Spears responded by suggesting he would pay Orlovsky with 10,000 pennies.

No word yet from FS1 “Speak for Yourself” host Emmanuel Ocho, who chimed in at the time of the original wager that Orlovsky was “giving out money.”

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Orlovsky’s “Get Up” colleague Rex Ryan, however, did change his original tune about Mayfield on Monday’s episode. Ryan, who last season called the Browns quarterback “overrated as hell,” said Mayfield is now “the reason where they are.”

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Case Keenum can get it done for the Cleveland Browns
The Cleveland Browns found a way to make headlines even during their bye week as Baker Mayfield was placed on the COVID-19 reserve list. To be clear he has not tested positive for the virus but he was in close contact with a staff member who did test positive.

Case Keenum Jersey

If he continues to test negative then he should be able to return to practice on Wednesday and start on Sunday against the Houston Texans.

But if the Browns are unfortunate and Mayfield does test positive this week they will have to start veteran Case Keenum who has mostly been a career backup. He also has a history with head coach Kevin Stefanski when they had a magical run together with the Minnesota Vikings in 2017 when they made it to the NFC championship game.

Browns Case Keenum Jersey

Keenum started 14 games for the Vikings that season passing for 3,547 yards 22 touchdowns and seven interceptions completing more than 67 percent of his passes. The team won 11 of those 14 games as Keenum played mistake free football leading them to the NFC championship game.
Former Cleveland Browns GM John Dorsey liked good QBs, and not just one
One thing former Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey had right is to hire the best quarterbacks possible, and not be afraid to hire more than one. Hire at least two, and preferably three, the best you can get without totally messing up the salary cap. Do not, do not, do not give away a good quarterback to appease someone’s ego and avoid the mythological “quarterback controversy.”

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There’s no need for the Cleveland Browns to fire their first-string quarterback in order to draft a new one or sign one as a free agent as many have suggested in preparation for the upcoming off-season. Win as many games as you can, and keep the quarterback room full at all times. Signing a third quarterback is not a referendum on the performance of the first string guy.

Dorsey didn’t do everything right in Cleveland and in particular, he was not good at salary cap management, and there should be a league rule that a general manager can only hire one Freddie Kitchens per career. But man, he had the golden gut for quarterbacks. Give the man his due.

Authentic Case Keenum Jersey

The Browns should continue to look for talent to add to the quarterback room and not quit obtaining quarterback talent just because they have a starting quarterback. Nor should they contemplate getting rid of Baker Mayfield if they acquire someone. If you want to propose getting rid of someone, it should be the third-string quarterback, not the first-string quarterback. This should be common sense. You perform addition by addition, not addition by subtraction.

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Before coming to Cleveland, Dorsey made aggressive moves to obtain quarterbacks for the Kansas City Chiefs as their general manager. He signed Nick Foles as a free agent, traded for Alex Smith, and traded up to draft Patrick Mahomes. All of those moves drew sharp criticism at the time they were made. Foles eventually left Kansas City for Philadelphia, where he subbed for an injured Carson Wentz and won a Super Bowl for them in 2017.

Ironically, the Eagle faithful booed the drafting of Jalen Hurts in the second round this season because they saw no need for a second good quarterback (now they hate Wentz, but that is another story for another time). Alex Smith, for his part, was a two-time Pro Bowler, and they were able to make a good trade with Washington to get value in return when Mahomes was ready to start.

Cheap Case Keenum Jersey

By that time, of course, Dorsey had been fired, partly because of his over-investing in quarterbacks. Mahomes was perceived as a “system quarterback” who accumulated meaningless statistics in the pass-happy Big 12, which would not translate to NFL success. However, Mahomes was the NFL MVP and the next year led the Chiefs to a miraculous Super Bowl win. Now there is talk that he may get his own statue in the Pantheon in Rome. Perhaps Mahomes was not quite as overrated as Dorsey’s critics had suggested.

In Cleveland, Dorsey signed Tyrod Taylor, a solid quarterback who had led the Buffalo Bills to the playoffs, and he drafted Baker Mayfield and he added a very experienced veteran in Drew Stanton with an 11-5 won-loss record for his career. Later he added unknown Garrett Gilbert, who had never gotten a chance in the NFL but who had shown promise in the Alliance of American Football. That’s not a bad quarterback room.

There may have been some hurt feelings when Taylor lost his job when he suffered a concussion and did not get his job back because Mayfield won the game and broke the season-long winless streak. But Taylor was totally, one thousand percent professional about it, and worth every penny of the salary the Browns paid him. Some fans with the benefit of 20-20 hindsight have made the argument that signing Taylor was unnecessary because Mayfield was not injured that season, but there was no way to be sure that Mayfield could have stayed healthy for all 16 games that season had he started. That’s a bit like saying that the fire extinguisher is a rip-off if your house never caught fire last year. It was a good decision to sign all three quarterbacks.

Youth Case Keenum Jersey

Andrew Berry took over for Dorsey and continued in a similar mindset. He augmented the quarterback room by signing Case Keenum, who has started 62 NFL games, including 14 games in Minnesota where Browns coach Kevin Stefanski was the offensive coordinator. Keenum produced an 11-3 record as a starter. That probably would not have happened in previous Browns regimes that were paranoid about having two good quarterbacks on the roster at the same time. Anyway, that was delusional because the Browns did not have any good quarterbacks, to begin with, and had no business worrying about having too many.

He was then traded to the Washington Football Team before the start of the 2019 season where he started eight games and had a few big games including his career-high 380 yards in his first game. Injury and poor performance led to him being unseated by Dwayne Haskins who Washington thought was their quarterback of the future.

So Keenum moved on and signed a three-year $18 million contract with the Browns this offseason making him one of the highest paid back-up quaterbacks in the NFL. He has doesn’t have the big arm and doesn’t throw down the field well. But he is a quick decision-maker and may have had his best season in this type of offense.

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All signs are pointing towards Baker Mayfield making the start Sunday but there is no need to panic if he doesn’t. Cleveland is better than the Texans and the offense will get some help as Nick Chubb and Wyatt Teller should return.